On the KDC-website the following articles are filed under the 'Projects' tab:

Airport Capacity
* Functional analysis of Schiphol TWR-C: Can efficiency be improved even further?
* Business Case electronic device pushback driver: Schiphol might seem rather chaotic, but it's not!


De Aviation Academy van de Hogeschool van Amsterdam is een langjarige partner geworden met het Knowledge Development Centre (KDC) mainport Schiphol. Het thema Capaciteitsmanagement staat hierin centraal. Deze samenwerking zal worden uitgebouwd tot een Centre of Excellence, Engaging Academic Excellence in the Aviation Sector, als onderdeel van het internationale kennisnetwerk. Het KDC Mainport Schiphol is een sector brede samenwerking tussen de oprichters LVNL, Schiphol en KLM.

Today, December 21, 2017, a new version of the KDC Research Agenda is placed on the website. Go to tab 'KDC Research Agenda' to download the document.

On the KDC-website the following new article is filed under the 'Projects' tab:

AMAN Cluster including iCAS development
* Traffic Merging Support for Schiphol Approach: Follow the ghost

Under the tab 'Results' you'll find the annual summary of KDC results 2016.



What is KDC?

The foundation Knowledge & Development Centre (KDC) sets itself the task to find valuable and innovative solutions for the sustainable development of the Mainport Schiphol. In the KDC the Dutch aviation partners KLM, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) work together with universities and other research institutes to innovate the Schiphol operation. The KDC work programme is guided by the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Aviation, which has been developed in cooperation with the Dutch government.