Today, June 10, 2015, a new version of the KDC Research Agenda is placed on the website. Go to tab 'KDC Research Agenda' to download the document.

Under the 'Projects' tab the following new articles are filed:  

Safe Airspace and Airport Navigation
* New Applications of Downlink Airborne Parameters : The more parameters the better?
* Vision on the implementation of new technology in the control tower : Air traffic control’s naked eye  

Schiphol Airport Meteo Development
* Forecasting LVP Conditions at Schiphol Airport en Improved wind forecasting : Schiphol, hotspot for climate change
* De-Icing Planner : Scraping off ice before take-off? 

AMAN Cluster including iCAS development
* AMAN/SARA Development : More streamlined towards Schiphol
* ASAS Interval Management : Automatic distance 

Fixed Arrival Routes and CDA’s
* Traffic Merging in TMA : Traffic merging in the air 

In addition to these articles the annual summaries of KDC-projects from 2012 are added on the English site under the tab 'Results'.



To make the KDC-website more accessible to a wider audience the website has been redesigned. Changes are effective as of early May 2015. 

What has changed?
Old news under the tab 'News' has been placed in the archive. Announcements of a new version of the KDC-research agenda, new articles, "calls for proposals" and dates for KDC-events coming up are placed on the news page.

The format under 'Projects' tab has been adjusted to match the format of the KDC-research agenda. An introductory text has been added by topic. After clicking a topic the user will get access to the articles of the studies that are currently carried out. New articles are structured according to the pyramid principle, for improved readability. 
An extra tab with 'Results' has been added. Under this tab are the annual summaries of KDC-projects from 2012.

What do you think of it?
Your opinion is very important to us. Do you have a question or comment about the KDC website, please let us know! You can send us
a message using the ‘Contact us' tab.



What is KDC?

The foundation Knowledge & Development Centre (KDC) sets itself the task to find valuable and innovative solutions for the sustainable development of the Mainport Schiphol. In the KDC the Dutch aviation partners KLM, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) work together with universities and other research institutes to innovate the Schiphol operation. The KDC work programme is guided by the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Aviation, which has been developed in cooperation with the Dutch government.