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The founders of the Knowledge & Development Center (KDC) are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS), Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and Air Traffic Control The Netherlands (LVNL). Both AAS, KLM and LVNL have a stake in the development of the mainport on the short and long term. The board and management team consist of representatives of these three organisations.

The KDC-board consists of Martijn van der Meer (AAS, Manager Stakeholder, Strategy and Development), Rudy Megens (LVNL) and Maarten Oort (KLM, Vice President Flight Tactical Services, Flight Operations).  
The KDC-management team consists of Coen Vlasblom (KLM, Manager Airport & Route development), Evert Westerveld (LVNL, Senior Consultant) and Boudewijn Lievegoed (AAS, Advisor Schiphol Airport Development Innovation).  


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