The projects are being clustered according to the KDC research agenda. Every cluster is accessible on its own and projects inside the cluster will be shown.

KDC develops applications which improve safety of airport operations and safety in airspace sectors. Some applications are developed specifically for the Schiphol operation, such as the Go-Around Detection system. Other applications are part of a broader, European application of new technology, such as downlink of pilot selected flight level.

KDC performs studies and develops concepts and prototype systems aimed at increased airline operational efficiency. Examples are the application of air-ground datalink and the use of airline priority information in ATM operations.

KDC supports airspace design activities by means of simulations and studies. For example the operational simulations which were performed in support of the airspace design with an extra fourth TMA entry point.

KDC develops applications which increase airport capacity. Examples are studies to increase landing capacity and ground handling capacity.

KDC develops improved weather forecast for Schiphol airport operations in a joint effort with the Royal Meteorological Institute KNMI. The development focusses on more accurate forecasting of low visibility conditions and more accurate forecasting of surface winds.

KDC supports the development of the, for Schiphol strategically important, arrival management system. Arrival management is an enabler for the implementation of fixed arrival routes and  continuous descent arrivals and subsequently enables environmental benefits through lower fuel burn.

KDC supports human factor reseach which is designed to help the transition to the future air traffic management concept. It is anticipated that the role of the human, the pilot and controller, is going to change as a result of the modernization of the ATM system. The next generation air traffic controllers must be prepared for this changing role which in turn will help to make a safe and efficient transition to the new concept.

KDC supports the development of the new operational concept for the airspace surrounding Schiphol airport. Within this so-called TMA concept the operation will support the application of fixed arrival routes and continuous descent approaches.

KDC support studies to reduce the effects of aircraft noise within the greater Schiphol area. An example is the Schiphol Noise Predictor which provides information about expected noise on mobile devices.