Micro climate project: reducing noise annoyance near Rijsenhout

Departing traffic from the “Kaagbaan” (RWY 24) or “Zwanenburgbaan” (RWY 18C) causes noise annoyance when overflying Rijsenhout. This seems to be caused by traffic that deviates from the planned departure route. The project Micro climate Rijsenhout researches the cause of these deviations and possible measures to reduce noise annoyance in Rijsenhout.

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CROS Pilot 5A (Night arrivals for runway 18R)

During night times, weather permitting, inbound traffic from the north arrives at the Polderbaan (runway 18R) and performs the final approach along fixed routes and specific procedures. This procedure causes a fair amount of annoyance. This CROS Pilot 5 project investigates the possible reduction of noise annoyance north of Schiphol when flying a different approach […]

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RF-leg: CROS Pilot 3b’+

Concentrating air traffic in between communities can decrease annoyance. With this in mind, a trial started on November 22nd 2007 to concentrate traffic in between the communities of Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep: the CROS Pilot 3b. The route makes use of the radius-to-fix navigation technique (also known as a RF-leg). In the CROS Pilot 3b’+ project the […]

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