Micro climate project: reducing noise annoyance near Rijsenhout

Departing traffic from the “Kaagbaan” (RWY 24) or “Zwanenburgbaan” (RWY 18C) causes noise annoyance when overflying Rijsenhout. This seems to be caused by traffic that deviates from the planned departure route. The project Micro climate Rijsenhout researches the cause of these deviations and possible measures to reduce noise annoyance in Rijsenhout.

The challenge

The objective of the project Micro climate Rijsenhout is to reduce noise annoyance surrounding Rijsenhout.

The approach

To reduce the noise annoyance in Rijsenhout the cause of the deviation between the planned and actual tracks has to be researched. Based on these results measures can be developed to concentrate the traffic on the departure route near Rijsenhout and reduce the noise. Specifically the use of RNAV navigation was used in the SID definition, resulting in improved flightpath performance.

The results

The project has been completed in July 2008. The results of the experiment to concentrate traffic on the departure routes near Rijsenhout were positive. The experiment started on July 7 2007 and was extended by one year on October 31 2008. The council of ministers has approved the introduction of the measure from November 1 2009.

Location and dispersion of the traffic before changes in SID Location and dispersion of the traffic after changes in SID
Figure: Location and dispersion of the traffic before and after changes in SID

Parties involved

LVNL, KLM, project members AADT


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