Research Agenda

Offering valuable solutions for the safe and sustainable development of Mainport Schiphol

The KDC has been tasked to develop solutions for the sustainable development of the Mainport Schiphol. This task is executed by defining and realising target orientated projects with close consultation of both the air transport sector and the government. This usually involves complex problems that require involvement of multiple stakeholders and research institutes.

The work of the KDC is managed based on the KDC Research Agenda. It contains a description of active projects as well as proposed research. The document is also used by the board to monitor the status and progress of the research. Furthermore, the research agenda is used to set priorities between projects while maintaining a clear overview of proposed research questions.

The KDC Research Agenda 2024-2028 is dated November 30, 2023 and can be downloaded here:

The descriptions of the completed research topics (dated December, 2020) are provided in a separate attachment and can be downloaded here.