Airspace Design

Fixed Arrival Routes: Early Split – Late Merge

Air traffic volumes and the nature of air traffic using the Dutch airspace has evolved significantly over the past decades and will continue to evolve. This while the airspace structure has remained largely unchanged. To boost efficient use of airspace and to reduce emissions and noise impact, the Dutch Airspace Redesign Programme was established. Redesigns […]

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Transition to Trajectory Based Operations (TBO)

In 2021, KDC has worked together with a group of experts from all KDC partners, developing a roadmap for the transition to Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) in the Netherlands. TBO is the future of Air Traffic Management, an operation in which flights are accommodated as close as possible to the user-preferred flight path. TBO is […]

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Information Project: Study 4th Initial Approach Fix

In developing a more efficient European airspace (Single European Sky), important objectives are that one the one hand shorter routes can be flown and that on the other hand additional distances flown due to the presence of (closed) military airspace are limited as much as possible. To achieve this, military flying areas will be re-located […]

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