Information Project: Study 4th Initial Approach Fix

In developing a more efficient European airspace (Single European Sky), important objectives are that one the one hand shorter routes can be flown and that on the other hand additional distances flown due to the presence of (closed) military airspace are limited as much as possible. To achieve this, military flying areas will be re-located and new airways opened, as indicated in the airspace vision document by the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment. The re-location of these military flying areas requires an adjustment to the guidance of air traffic inbound for Schiphol airport entering the Netherlands from the southeast. The Knowledge & Development Centre Mainport Schiphol (KDC) has been investigating the possibilities of creating, for that purpose, a new approach point for that traffic.

Fixed approach points Schiphol

Air traffic inbound for Schiphol is currently directed to the airport via three approach points. These approach points lie northeast (ARTIP), southwest (RIVER) and northwest (SUGOL) of Schiphol airport. Because of the location of the current military airspace in the southeast of the Netherlands, air traffic arriving from the southeast is directed to Schiphol via the northeastern approach point. For approaches from the southeast, an alternative approach point has to be created, a so-called 4th Initial Approach Fix (IAF). 


In the KDC study it was investigated whether a 4th IAF is necessary for the guiding of the traffic from the southeast, and what is needed for realization of the 4th IAF. The conclusion from this study was that a 4th IAF is necessary. Subsequently, the study has looked into requirements on the location of the 4th IAF, required changes in airspace classification, and measures necessary to make the guiding of traffic flows from four instead of three approach points workable. The results of this study will be used to realize adjustments in the guidance of the traffic from the southeast, including the 4th IAF. The 4th IAF is expected to be put into service by late 2016.