The students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) are guided and supervised by:

Frenchez Pietersz (HvA) 

Frenchez Pietersz is an energetic, creative lecturer who combines aviation knowledge and common sense in the right dose, with 39 years of age, married, a son he goes to work with pleasure and an open attitude. As an engineer, he already thought out of the box, as a lecturer-researcher, he created his focus around that. He studied at the TUDelft Mechanical Engineering and at the University of Westminster, where he graduated on the collaboration between low-cost and full-service airlines and he daily updates on these developments. He has worked on Boeing 747s for the KLM as a mechanic, switched to Transavia to the Operations Department, and then thought of using his second nature at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Aviation. Subjects in which he transfers knowledge include airport developments, airline operations, ground handling, airline networks, ATM and business optimization. He also provides internal training for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to train Lean Green Belts.

At the KDC he will coordinate the organization of the research students, the research area(s) and research. In addition, he will participate in the organization with different departments, to experience the challenges and to understand how the organization really works.

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