Ferdinand Dijkstra – Master Track Coordinator

Owner of FerWay – Supplier to KDC

Ferdinand is a system engineer with a strong passion for aviation. In particular to progress innovations in the field of ATM and related areas of Air Transport. He was closely involved in the development and use of the current Schiphol Approach and Area Control automation support. Since then he has focused on improving the ATM performance by integrating the world of ATM operations and technological developments. Ferdinand, now as an independent consultant in the field of ATM, enjoys contributing on the conceptual, operational and technical level, bridging these disciplines with enthusiasm, supported by one of his favorite discipline of data analysis. His main research areas are: ‘ATM concept development with focus on automation’, and ‘planning systems and aircraft trajectory prediction’.


Koos Noordeloos – Bachelor Track Coordinator

Koos has been working for over 40 years in the aviation industry. He became a specialist in aviation as manager airside operations and senior manager strategic development within Royal Schiphol Group. Over the years he joined several national and international committees dealing with environment, safety, security, airport development and airspace redesign. He was chairman of the International Industry Working Group, member of SESAR/SEAC addressing and influencing aviation standards. Over the years he noticed that students bring new innovative ideas into the aviation business. All this with respect for safety, security and environment. His mission is to stimulate talented people to be involved in making aviation more and more sustainable.



Rebekka van der Grift – PhD Candidate

Rebekka recently graduated from the TU Delft in collaboration with the KDC Centre of Excellence and is now continuing her career as a PhD Candidate researching aircraft noise. Aircraft noise and its impact is one of the biggest challenges the aviation industry faces today. To quantify the noise impact on surrounding communities, aircraft noise models are used. In her research, she is looking into the improvement of aircraft noise models with the use of measurements around Schiphol in collaboration with the KDC. Next to that, she guides master students with their thesis’ topics regarding noise. Her goal is to help students gain more insight in noise modelling and support them in bringing original ideas to the current research.