The KDC Center of Excellence has a diverse research program for Master/Bachelor students. The overarching theme within the Center of Excellence (CoE) is to research how to facilitate continous sustainable growth of Schiphol mainport. There are many challenges for Schiphol in order to grow. The mainport operations are constrained by factors, such as the  surroundings, airspace, weather, airlines, environment, and many more. The main driver for the selection of topics is to make them serve the progression of the continued development of the Mainport Schiphol, by fostering efficiency and capacity of the operation as well as by contributing to responsible growth. An important element in this context is the airspace redesign activity in the Dutch airspace. A central theme to achieve these goals is to progress the current tactical operation towards a planned operation. The Center of Excellence is always looking for new students that want to do research in one of these areas. The current research program for Master/Bachelor students contains subjects in the following areas of interest:

  • Air Traffic Managment (ATM)
  • Aircraft Noise & Climate Effects
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) 
  • Capacity Managment

The Center of Excellence is actively searching for students that pursue to write their thesis in one of these areas. Not only do we offer assistance of academic staff, but also the opportunity that your work can significantly contribute to the development of Schiphol mainport. You will have the chance to work with the primary companies of Schiphol mainport (LVNL, AAS, KLM), as well as consultancy agencies. For each of the forementioned themes, studies are available that are in the need of motivated students. Currently we are looking for a motivated student to work on Trajectory Based Operations. The vacancy can be downloaded below. For a more detailed overview of the available studies in the CoE program, or for further questions, feel free to contact us via the form on the contact page. If you are interested in the work of our alumni or current students, do not hesitate to scroll through our website.


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