Who are the founders, partners and management of the KDC?

The Board and Management Team of the KDC

The founders of the Knowledge & Development Center (KDC) are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS), Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and Air Traffic Control The Netherlands (LVNL). The board and management team consist of representatives of these three organisations.

The KDC Board

The KDC-board consists of (from left to right) Maartje van der Helm (LVNL, Head Strategy & Capacity Management), Martijn van der Meer (AAS, Manager Stakeholder, Strategy and Development) and Maarten Oort (KLM, Vice President Flight Tactical Services, Flight Operations).

The KDC-management team consists of Boudewijn Lievegoed (AAS, Advisor Schiphol Airport Development Innovation), Coen Vlasblom (KLM, Manager Airport & Route development), and Evert Westerveld (LVNL, Senior Strategy Consultant).


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