Stakeholder Value

The focus of KDC is on innovative developments which have potential to create benefits for the stakeholders of Schiphol mainport. Stakeholder value is key. KDC therefore monitors to which extent the research has been followed through to implementation.


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Reports published in 2022


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KDC research topics range from business case research and operational trials, which supports the implementation decision making,  to conceptual studies with the purpose of solution finding. The latter has a longer path to implementation than the previous.

KDC research is categorized in accordance with the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology (E-OCVM) framework, as established by Eurocontrol. Which is visualized below. The scope of the the KDC research agenda is limited to segments V1 to V3, as highlighted. For each of the categories from the KDC scope, a chart is shown that details whether or not the finished research is implemented. Categorizing the research this way gives more insight into the value of implementation for the different types of research in the KDC.



For more information about the implementation status of a certain project, a changelog, or a copy of the complete archive, please send your request using the  form on the contact page.