Through the Center of Excellence (CoE) KDC builds its cooperation with its research partners; universities and colleges. A collaboration has been established between the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) Aviation Academy and the Technical University (TU) Delft. These two organizations are collaborating closely with KDC developing applied research to strategical issues of each partner. Master & Bachelor thesis students get the chance to develop their thesis in close collaboration with industry partners, and to contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of Schiphol mainport.

TU Delft (TUD) cooperation is coordinated by Ferdinand Dijkstra by a multidisciplinary approach incorporating different TU Delft faculties; within the HvA the research is coordinated by Dr. Catya Zuniga, Assistant professor at Aviation Management department.

The HvA Aviation Academy focusses on ‘Capacity Management’ dealing with airside, landside and airspace operations, infrastructure, manpower, and resources involved, together with the relationship between stakeholders involved among other factors.  Capacity management seeks to look in a system approach a way to optimise multi-stakeholder processes to get insights of the capacity performance and to make efficient use of the available capacity resources.

The different faculties from the TUD make it possible to address a wide range of diverse topics from the KDC Research agenda. The main areas of research for master thesis students are: Air traffic managment (ATM), aircraft noise, weather forecasting, air transport operations (ATO) and User Interfaces (UI). Apart from the Center of Excellence program, other subjects and themes can be brought about by the University and/or departments within the companies comprising the KDC. A further outline of the current research program, and what research topics are vacant for future CoE students can be found here.