Arrival Management + Initial 4D

Successful simulation of AMAN-i4D on iCAS platform

Together with INDRA, DFS, NLR (with the support of KDC) and MUAC, LVNL has conducted a successful simulation of the AMAN-i4D concept. AMAN stands for (long-distance) Arrival Manager, whereby systems calculate the expected arrival time of approaching aircraft and the best landing sequence. The sooner adjustments are implemented during a flight, the smaller the adjustment that is required to speed or route.

The simulation, which was attended by a representative of the SESAR Programme, was chiefly a survey of the different options. A set-up was used in which Schiphol worked on an iCAS prototype linked up to a version of AMAN (Arrival Manager) that had been developed further. Using a Mustang connection the iCAS prototype was linked to the system for the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC).

In future, it will be possible to coordinate with pilots long before they enter Dutch airspace. New techniques are used to set up contracts with pilots about the time they are required to arrive at a specific location. During the simulation, this was done for the arrival time at the ARTIP aviation waypoint near Lelystad. Having agreed to the contract, the pilot is responsible for achieving the contract time, e.g. by adjusting speed. Either the pilot or air traffic control may cancel the contract if necessary.

Such new methods could in future improve the predictability of traffic flows, improve scheduling of the chain of landing aircraft and potentially reduce the workload of air traffic controllers.

Both the AMAN delivered by DFS and the version of iCAS delivered by INDRA functioned properly and we can therefore report that the simulation was a success!

The simulation was conducted within the framework of the European SESAR programme. 

Screenshot of iCAS showing flights with accepted contracts (green @/times), contract times proposed by AMAN (yellow @/times), rejected contracts (red @/times) and cancelled contracts (purple @/times).

Screenshot of AMAN screen showing accepted contract times (ACP) and contract times proposed by AMAN (PRO).

The team responsible for the technical validation.  From left to right: Hugo Salinas (INDRA), André van de Groep (S&P/Performance), Theo Verhoogt (NLR), Christian Dorge (DFS), Dirk Bächle (DFS), Serge Bagieu (SESAR Joint Undertaking/SJU), Alberto Rosa Moreno (INDRA), Jorge Valle (INDRA) and Jan Westland (SIA).  Harco de Hilster (ATMS/AAA) is absent from the photo.

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