TP Meteoserver

The Trajectory Predictor (TP) functionality calculates the four-dimensional flight path of an individual flight and is used by air traffic control to make a planning for inbound traffic. The accuracy of its calculations is strongly influenced by the quality of meteorological data.  The TP Meteoserver project aims to develop an optimal meteorological service for air traffic control by integrating meteorological data from aircraft with data available at KNMI. With this information 4D flight paths can be calculated with accuracy in the order of seconds.

The challenge

The objective of the TP Meteoserver project is to develop and implement a meteorological service which helps the TP functionality to be more accurate in the calculation of 4D flight paths. For this service meteorological data (wind and temperature) from the Mode-S Enhanced Surveillance data from aircraft will be integrated with KNMI data.

More accurate calculations of the TP functionality, enable optimisation of flight paths and Continuous Descent Approaches (CDAs) on high density traffic airports, both resulting in reduced noise and emissions. Accurate calculations can also ensure early detection of conflicts, which improves safety.

The approach

First meteorological data from aircraft systems will be analysed to determine their possible contribution to the quality of the KNMI data. A first generation of the system will be developed using simulations and prototypes. The quality of the system will be evaluated by using the data for Trajectory Prediction. The accuracy of this new TP calculation can be compared to the “old” TP calculations.

The decision to start the implementation phase of the project will be based on these results.

National Grids

The results

The development phase of the TP Meteoserver project has been successfully completed. The implementation phase of the project is expected to start end this year or early next year and the first generation of the system is expected to be ready to use in 2011.

Parties involved

KNMI, LVNL, Boeing


Presentation TP Meteoserver August 2008 (EN)



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