New articles posted (May 12, 2015)

Under the ‘Projects’ tab the following new articles are filed:  

Safe Airspace and Airport Navigation
* New Applications of Downlink Airborne Parameters : The more parameters the better?
* Vision on the implementation of new technology in the control tower : Air traffic control’s naked eye  

Schiphol Airport Meteo Development
* Forecasting LVP Conditions at Schiphol Airport en Improved wind forecasting : Schiphol, hotspot for climate change
* De-Icing Planner : Scraping off ice before take-off? 

AMAN Cluster including iCAS development
* AMAN/SARA Development : More streamlined towards Schiphol
* ASAS Interval Management : Automatic distance 

Fixed Arrival Routes and CDA’s
* Traffic Merging in TMA : Traffic merging in the air 

In addition to these articles the annual summaries of KDC-projects from 2012 are added on the English site under the tab ‘Results’.