Common Ground Safety Model

The challenge

The Schiphol manoeuvring area hosts complex ground operations involving several parties that depend on each other to ensure that the many manoeuvres are conducted properly and safely. Some vehicle or aircraft manoeuvres in the area controlled by Air Traffic Control or Apron Control are unauthorised. These so-called uncontrolled manoeuvres can disrupt operations. They can restrict traffic capacity and efficiency and may also pose a threat to safety. Greater insight is required into this disruption and the risks to safety in order to allow Schiphol to grow safely and efficiently towards 500,000 manoeuvres per year in 2020. This insight could mitigate potential risks across the sector and in doing so manage capacity and efficiency problems.

The approach

In close cooperation with the LVNL and AAS, this project involves the development of a structure for a sector-wide Common Ground Safety Model (CGSM) that provides insight into the main causes and risks of uncontrolled manoeuvres by aircraft, towing tractors and vehicles in the Schiphol manoeuvring area, with the exception of the runways.  

The results

The CGSM applies the bow-tie method and currently comprises the following components:

  • Different types of uncontrolled manoeuvres (by aircraft, towing tractors or vehicles);
  • Main causes of the uncontrolled manoeuvres;
  • Encounters (or: potential conflict situations) caused by uncontrolled manoeuvres;
  • Resolution model, in which the different parties can still successfully intervene.

    Common Ground Safety Model – Generic representation

    The CGSM will be used in close conjunction with the individual safety management systems of the organisations involved. Inputting the reported encounters and uncontrolled manoeuvres by several parties will enable a combined picture of the main causes to be shared. Next, targeted actions can be agreed and implemented in order to prevent these causes or mitigate the consequences.

    In developing the CGSM, a great deal of attention has been devoted to achieving a sound balance between a logical, model-based structure on the one hand and recognisable causes for the model’s users on the other. The CGSM is to be applied and developed further within the Ground Movement Safety Team at Veiligheidsplatform Schiphol (Schiphol Safety Platform).

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