Research agenda 2020 released

The new research agenda has been approved by the KDC Board, and is now available on the KDC web-site!

With the 2020 agenda a new focus is placed on a number of areas that have been part of the KDC programme for some time:

  1. Environmental sustainability: new concepts are explored, supporting the innovation track of the national airspace re-design programme.
  2. Arrival Management: building on the extended AMAN functionality, which is now entering the deployment phase, the KDC shifts its focus  to new functionalities, breaking away from the traditional first-come-first-served principle.
  3. Airport Capacity: a push is made to increase outbound capacity in support of the hub-function of the airport
  4. Capacity Management: new initiatives are supported to improve management of the airspace (and airport) demand – capacity balance.

With this agenda the KDC Board gives direction to the KDC programme for the next two to three years, supporting the transition to a sustainable future for Schiphol airport, with added value for the aviation stakeholders.

The KDC Management Team

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