Multi-Airport Concept: improved management of air traffic flows in The Netherlands

Dutch airports have grown considerably over time. This growth takes place almost autonomously. No mechanisms are established to balance this growth among airports, routes or airspace. Without a coordinated development of airports, it is expected that the maximum airspace capacity will soon be reached. The independent and uncontrolled growth of regional airports is expected to lead to extreme peaks and bottle necks in the Dutch airspace.  The Dutch airspace redesign program (programma luchtruimherziening) examines the relationship between Schiphol Airport and regional airports.


KDC carefully wants to consider the ways air traffic can be better handled by jointly managing air traffic between the airports. The project ‘Multi-Airport Concept’ explores how Schiphol Airport and the regional airports will develop. Options are explored that do not directly affect or impede the business of the regional airports but ensure that bottlenecks will be prevented. The flight scheduling and integral Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) options for the Dutch airports of Schiphol, Rotterdam, Lelystad and Eindhoven were assessed on a strategic, pre-tactical and tactical level.  The most feasible options, referred to as the Multi-Airport Concept, improve the management of traffic flows in the Dutch airspace after 2023.


Download the full report for all the options, results and conclusions of the ‘Multi-Airport concept’.

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