Traffic Segregation Concepts

A new report has been published on traffic segregation concepts. In the current Schiphol operation, during a departure peak (two runways in use for departures), departing traffic is segregated based on their departure sector and therefore destination. The primary departure runways operate traffic to sectors 1, 4 and 5 while secondary runways operate traffic to sectors 2 and 3. With sectors 2 and 3 being the busiest, the current East/West divide of departure routes leads to nonoptimal usage of the primary runway in terms of capacity and noise. This research explores potential outbound traffic segregation concepts with improved performance on noise, capacity, and sustainability. The scope of the research is exploratory, focusing both on the performance case of concepts as on the operational feasibility. The goal of the research is to come to a roadmap with segregation concepts that are achievable in the short term and the steps which need to be taken for segregation concepts for the long term. The report and its conclusions are now available to download.

Download full report