Improved Wind Forecasting

The Schiphol operation is very sensitive to the local wind field. Due to climate change, extreme weather events are expected to occur more often in the future, which can make the airport operation even more vulnerable to wind. Information on wind direction, speed and gusts is therefore of great importance. The project Improved Wind Forecasting aims to develop a wind and visibility monitoring system for the take-off and landing zone, from the surface to 300 meters altitude.

The challenge

The challenge of this project is to improve wind forecasts and to accurately determine the actual wind conditions. Improving wind forecasts are important for the stability of the Schiphol operation to prevent unplanned runway changes, which disrupt the operation. Accurate measurement of actual wind conditions is important for the runway use in strong crosswind conditions, when pilots must decide whether they accept the assigned runway to land the aircraft.

wind conditions

Photo: Ramon Kagie

The approach

The KDC is involved in wind projects IMPACT and WindVisions of the research programme ‘Kennis voor Klimaat’. The relevant results from these projects are included in the research reports of Improved Wind Forecasting and Forecasting LVP Conditions, phase 2.

The IMPACT project uses a new model to investigate the effects of the climate and future climate changes on the local climate at the airport. In addition, the project WindVisions examines which combination of sensors is available to monitor the 3D wind field just above Schiphol and performs tests with the selected sensors. Furthermore, the project investigates if the sensors can also be deployed as visibility meters.

Kennis voor Klimaat is structured in two phases or so-called “tranches” which are performed sequentially in time and are determined by the Kennis voor Klimaat financing rounds. The improved wind forecasting project therefore has the same schedule as the projects IMPACT and WindVisions.

The results

The results for the first tranche will be completed in 2012. The status of the project WindVisions of February 2011 can be found in the presentation below.

Involved parties

LVNL, KLM, AAS, Wageningen University, KNMI


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