Aircraft Noise Model Improvement by Calibration of Noise-Power-Distance Values Using Acoustic Measurements

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To regulate aircraft noise impact on communities surrounding airports, best-practice models are used to predict aircraft noise levels. In this research the Noise-Power-Distance (NPD) tables in the European Doc.29 noise model are evaluated with measurements around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Even with accurate input parameters (thrust and distance to the observer), differences in modelled and measured noise levels are found, which are assumed to be due to the errors in the NPD table. To further investigate this, thrust-noise relations are derived from measurements. These relations are found to differ from the original NPD tables. Using the measured thrust-noise relations, the modelled and measured mean noise levels are in agreement and the standard deviation of the differences is reduced by 25% for departure operations. This finding is consequently verified with independent measurements around Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Next to an improvement in best-practice noise modelling, the methods described in this research give insight into the creation and validation of NPD tables.