CROS Pilot 5A (Night arrivals for runway 18R)

During night times, weather permitting, inbound traffic from the north arrives at the Polderbaan (runway 18R) and performs the final approach along fixed routes and specific procedures. This procedure causes a fair amount of annoyance. This CROS Pilot 5 project investigates the possible reduction of noise annoyance north of Schiphol when flying a different approach […]

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HF in Future ATM

The world of Air Traffic Management is on the threshold of major changes. Europe and the United States have launched large-scale innovation programmes like SESAR and NextGen. The implementation of new technologies, operational concepts and collaborative decision making processes have to improve the efficiency of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) system. These developments will have […]

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NOC-rate vs. Sustainability

The organisations KLM, Schiphol and LVNL have their own framework and definitions for measuring the quality of the airport operations. Each party will, based on their own framework, make operational decisions. NOC-rate and Sustainability are two indicators of the quality of the airport product, but has a different meaning to the parties involved. The objective […]

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